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Dr. Judge understands that the desire for an enhanced appearance is an important personal choice that empowers many women to feel like the best version of themselves. Whether the patient is looking to achieve natural results, or something a bit past natural, Dr. Judge listens to her patients about what their aesthetic goals are and helps them turn their vision into a reality.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Judge has both the skill set and the feminine eye to create flattering results.* She understands that an educated patient is the best patient and aims to give her patients all of the information they need to make an informed decision about their procedure. A Brazilian Butt Lift (B.B.L.) involves contouring the waist, hips and abdomen using liposuction to extract fat and inject the fat into the buttocks and hips above the muscle. The result is a heightened, curvaceous form.*


Prior to the operation you will meet with Dr. Judge to ensure you understand the process in great detail. Together you and Dr. Judge will discuss your desired outcome and discuss appropriate surgical expectations. During your consultation you will discuss incision site as well as which areas you will draw fat from. The end goal is to leave you feeling empowered, confident, and ready for surgery.

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Performed under general anesthesia with a licensed anesthetist overseeing the procedure, this outpatient surgery can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. All of Dr. Judge’s Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries are performed at an outpatient surgery center or hospital.

During the operation tiny incisions will be made to harvest fat. Once the fat has been removed from the body it is separated and purified, and then injected back into the body. Since the fat is from your own body, there is no risk of rejection. 50-80% of the fat injected will survive in the new location, so it is not uncommon to need multiple rounds of fat grafting to achieve a desired result.*

Brazilian Butt Lift can be performed in tandem with other procedures such as breast augmentation, Tummy Tuck or Mommy Makeover. Dr. Judge will discuss the best way to achieve your desired aesthetic during your consultation.


There will be postoperative discomfort, but this is typically managed with oral pain killers and will subside after a few days.* Patients are encouraged to walk around after the procedure to help avoid blood clots.

Patients can typically return to work after 2 weeks, but any strenuous activity should be avoided for 4-6 weeks, and the patient should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for 2 weeks.* Although the patient may go home after the surgery, it is advised that a capable adult stay with the patient for a 24-hour period following the surgery to monitor recovery. Any postoperative pain, swelling or sensitivity will commonly diminish over the first few months.*

*Individual results may vary. Not a guarantee.


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