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During your initial consultation with Dr. Judge, she will provide you with information on pre-op care, recovery time, and will address any questions or concerns that you may have. To prepare for the procedure, Dr. Judge will first determine the ideal placement of the dimples. This involves drawing an imaginary line from the corner of your mouth to the earlobe, and another line vertically from the corner of your eye. Your dimples should be placed at the intersection of these lines for the most natural-looking outcome. That being said, you are welcome to work with Dr. Judge to determine the best dimple placement for your needs.

Once you have booked your dimplepasty, Dr. Judge’s office will coordinate the date and time of your surgery here in San Francisco. Dr. Judge will also take any pre-operative photos, review the initial dimple placement location, and ask any final questions.

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During your dimple surgery at our San Francisco practice, Dr. Jude will begin by making a very small incision inside the cheek. Afterward, sutures will be placed within the incision to anchor the new dimples in place. The sutures will eventually dissolve over the coming weeks as your skin heals. The dimpleplasty operation is very short, typically lasting only a half hour. It is performed under local anesthetic, and you are free to resume your daily activities the very next day.


After your dimpleplasty surgery, you may notice that your new dimples will appear very prominent, regardless of whether or not you are smiling. This will last for the first several weeks while your facial tissue continues to heal. Over time, the dimples will begin to relax into a more natural form and only appear when you smile. Recovery after the procedure is not extensive. However, some mild swelling is normal and can be reduced with the application of ice packs. Any swelling that you may experience should go away after a few days. It is recommended that you take at least two days off from work, school, or other activities to relax and ensure that your cheeks heal properly.

*Individual results may vary. Not a guarantee.


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