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A double chin can be extremely frustrating to live with. If you’ve ever deleted a picture that made it look you had excessive fat under your chin or a “double chin”, Kybella treatments may be perfect for you. The submental area (under the chin) can look full or saggy for a number of reasons. Excess weight, genetics, age, and skin laxity can all contribute to a double chin and leave us dissatisfied with our appearance.

Whether you are looking to remove excess fat or tighten the skin under your chin, Dr. Judge provides Kybella injections to give patients the look they have always wanted. Dr. Judge understands how frustrating it can feel to eat properly & exercise and STILL retain excess fat in the submental area. Luckily, this injectable treatment targets stubborn fat cells without surgery and limited downtime.*


Before your treatment, you and Dr. Judge will have a one-on-one consultation to determine if Kybella treatments can help you. Most patients are candidates and you will need a custom treatment plan to effectively reduce your submental fat. Dr. Judge’s attention to detail and her desire to create an aesthetic treatment plan that matches your vision is what sets her apart. After a treatment plan is created, you will be on the path to double chin reduction.


During your treatment, Dr. Judge will mark out the areas that will be treated with injections. She may use a topical numbing agent to make the procedure more comfortable, though most of our patients only report feeling mild discomfort. Once the numbing agent kicks in, multiple injections with a small, fine needle will be made into the fatty tissues under the chin. The entire procedure only lasts a few minutes, making it ideal even for those who hate needles. Once injected, Kybella’s formula (which is made of deoxycholic acid), will break down and absorb the fat of the area injected. This helps to effectively destroy fat cells while also preventing the storage or accumulation of fat.*


After the treatment, you may experience warmth and swelling but eventually those symptoms will fade. With regard to your results, patients usually notice results within 2-4 treatments, with 6 being more optimal.* Since every patient is different, the number of injections and treatments you will need depends on the extent of your submental fullness. For most of our patients, 3-5 treatment sessions are recommended, each scheduled 6 weeks apart.*

*Individual results may vary. Not a guarantee.


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